"It was at the lowest point in my life when I stumbled upon your music. Thank you for helping me through "my darkest hours" by bringing lyrical light to this world. I'm forever grateful."
     Luke McKinney, Fan

"Just sit back and listen. David Faul and his band will give you something to think about. They take you on a journey that will fulfill your every expectation. The music comes from the heart and fills your soul. Just sit back and listen!"
     Whispering Beard Folk Festival

"The skillful two-guitar and bass interplay are at once rootsy, jazzy, and bluesy. David, Ben Knight, and John Doll have accomplished something heavy-hitting here and I hope there is much more to come. These original songs are lyrically sincere, musically fresh, and as emotionally heavy and shiny as gold."
     Hank Becker, Musician

“The piano-buoyed “One of the Ones” and “I Feel You” are wonderfully composed ballads that defy genre classifications — they are simply amazing, timeless songs.”
     Mike Breen, Citybeat
“Much like Townes Van Zandt, David Faul's songs make you get up and pace the floor.”
     Jeremy Smart, Musician

"This music encompasses the great folk traditions of Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Bob Dylan. With David it’s a step further with the pain though. There are thorns wrapped around the heart of it all...and I mean everything. It's what makes Dave’s music so damn good. I don’t know how he does that. "
     Josh Eagle, Musician

"Each word and lyric is put together in the way a painter constructs a work of art. Each stroke, each color, each accent all build upon the work. David Faul's songwriting seems to come together in much of the same way a painter creates their work.  David Faul's artistry through his lyrics and chords releases a breath of fresh air. Raw and honest, humble and modest are only a few words to describe what he can do within a song. I would encourage anyone to pick up an album, go for a drive, and in two words; just listen"
     James Gronholm, Musician

"David Faul has a tremendous ability to put his own spin on folk music. His unique voice and writing abilities shine through his songs, and having mixed his projects in the past I can tell you that they are so well done they almost mix themselves! Have always loved working with Dave."
     Tommy Cappel, Recording Engineer
"I really love David Faul's music.  It has a depth to it that you don't often find in modern songs.  He writes and plays from the heart and sings with a poet's soul.  His music is like a good craft beer: dark and rich and full of flavor.  It's perfect "chill" music.  My 10-year-old daughter even listens!"
     Scott Christmas, Fan

“A quietly devastating lyrical talent with a haunting, impassioned voice. If the highways could talk, they'd sound like David Faul.”
     Dylan Bentley, Musician

"I love hearing you and Ben playing Magnificent Sounds. It feels like sinking down into your favorite chair and knowing you are home. We love you and your music, David."
     Angi Dill, Fan

"I was immediately drawn in. I was taken on a thought provoking journey through the roller coaster of life. I felt as though I had been listening to these songs forever, yet they are original. I will continue to listen and share this music for years to come. I feel this is Folk music at its best."
     JoJo, U.K., Fan